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Jeffrey A Law
Mon Dec 22 08:28:00 GMT 1997

More info on HP shutting down the Mass language labs -- apparently
all activities are being transferred to CLL (Cupertino Language Lab).

First mention of Cygnus in this thread that I've seen.

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Date:     Mon, 22 Dec 1997 08:25:47 -0800
Subject:  WDB, a GDB-based debugger for HP-UX

From: (Steve Rehrauer)
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Subject: Re: WDB, a GDB-based debugger for HP-UX
Date: 22 Dec 1997 14:28:50 GMT
Organization: Hewlett-Packard Company, Chelmsford, MA
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In <>, Adrian Filipi-Martin says:
>	Hmmm.  I related your previous announcement to a colleague
>working on a uniform debugging interface for high perfroamnce
>computing.  She has been in contact with HPC developers/policy makers
>at various companies, HP included.  She also tells me that WDB
>development was recently put on hold for a year.  Do you know anything
>of this?  I tend to prefer your announcement, but she can claims to
>have a direct line to god on this issue.

Well, my communications with the Divine are a little more circumspect. :-)

I'm guessing she's heard that the Chelmsford, MA site is being closed; its
projects (including WDB) being transferred to our sister lab in Cupertino,
CA; and inferring a long delay from those facts.

In truth, the impact on WDB is unclear.  The project has certainly not been
cancelled, nor even put on hold!  Feedback within HP has been clearly positive
and supportive.  There can't help but be some delays in the short-term, of
course.  But in the long-term, being physically closer to the other HP-UX
language projects (to say nothing of Cygnus Solutions, the maintainers of
GDB) can only be good for WDB, in my opinion.

But of course, "I don't speak for HP."  --Steve
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