[Bug tui/23619] isearch in readline does not change prompt in tui

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commit 364d710448e607e4ae9cb338583179dd6e734f0b
Author: Tom Tromey <tom@tromey.com>
Date:   Wed Nov 20 16:39:44 2019 -0700

    Make isearch change readline prompt in TUI

    PR tui/23619 points out that isearch changes the prompt in the CLI gdb
    (and in Bash) -- but not in the TUI.  This turns out to be easily
    fixed by removing tui_rl_saved_prompt and instead using the prompt
    that readline computes.

    This is stored in rl_display_prompt, which according to git was added
    in readline 6.2.

    2019-12-20  Tom Tromey  <tom@tromey.com>

        PR tui/23619:
        * tui/tui-io.c (tui_rl_saved_prompt): Remove.
        (tui_redisplay_readline): Use rl_display_prompt.
        (tui_prep_terminal): Update.

    Change-Id: Iae97e9776a5540bbe52c73b05e4707941d9cd11a

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