[Bug symtab/25065] GDB segfaults while running gdb.cp/subtypes.exp with -flto

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Wed Nov 27 20:06:00 GMT 2019


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The master branch has been updated by Kevin Buettner <kevinb@sourceware.org>:


commit d22670f0780f4d296325d35049f0d57791ef6d73
Author: Kevin Buettner <kevinb@redhat.com>
Date:   Sat Oct 12 23:12:29 2019 -0700

    Test case for BZ 25065

    Running a GDB with the fix for BZ 25065 should cause these new tests
    to all pass.

    When run against a GDB without the fix, there will be 2 unresolved
    testcases.  This is what I see in the gdb.sum file when I try it using
    a GDB without the fix:

    ERROR: GDB process no longer exists
    UNRESOLVED: gdb.dwarf2/imported-unit.exp: ptype main::Foo
    ERROR: Couldn't send ptype main::foo to GDB.
    UNRESOLVED: gdb.dwarf2/imported-unit.exp: ptype main::foo

    These are "unresolved" versus outright failures due to the fact that
    GDB dies (segfaults) during the running of the test.


        * gdb.dwarf2/imported-unit.exp: New file.
        * gdb.dwarf2/imported-unit.c: New file.

    Change-Id: I073fe69b81bd258951615f752df8e95b6e33a271

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