[Bug testsuite/24888] How to get ada tests to generate PIE executables

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Thu Oct 10 09:52:00 GMT 2019


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commit abcf2cc85a32a459c2da771c636cc3b6fc985675
Author: Tom de Vries <tdevries@suse.de>
Date:   Thu Oct 10 11:51:34 2019 +0200

    [gdb/testsuite] Fix ada tests with -fPIE/-pie

    When running the gdb testsuite with target board unix/-fPIE/-pie, the
    resulting ada executables are not PIE executables, because gnatmake doesn't
    recognize -pie, and consequently doesn't pass it to gnatlink.

    Fix this by replacing "-pie" with "-largs -pie -margs" in
    target_compile_ada_from_dir, and doing the same for -no-pie.

    Tested on x86_64-linux.


    2019-10-10  Tom de Vries  <tdevries@suse.de>

        PR testsuite/24888
        * lib/ada.exp (target_compile_ada_from_dir): Route -pie/-no-pie to

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