[Bug breakpoints/21497] FreeBSD: infrun.c:5565: internal-error: int finish_step_over(execution_control_state*): Assertion `ecs->event_thread->control.trap_expected' failed

jhb at FreeBSD dot org sourceware-bugzilla@sourceware.org
Tue Jun 27 00:05:00 GMT 2017


--- Comment #5 from jhb at FreeBSD dot org ---
So I've reworked my previous patchset a bit.  It does automatically PT_SUSPEND
new threads and do an explicit PT_CONTINUE instead of returning an event to the
core and relying on the core to invoke fbsd_resume() to suspend the thread
similar to your patch, though I don't actually return an event but loop around
in fbsd_wait().  I also have attempted to add the same handling for the
non-LWP-event case.  I've done some simple testing of these patches for both
LWP events and non-LWP events, but I'm not able to reproduce your original
issue either.  (The one other test case for which my original patch referred to
above tried to handle is still not fixed by this patchset, but I don't see an
easy way to fix it and it only breaks for the non-LWP-event case.)

I've pushed my current set of changes to a 'fbsd_suspend_new_thr' branch at
github.com/bsdjhb/gdb.git.  You can view a diff via:


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