[Bug gdb/21574] `help run` message says arguments are expanded via "sh"

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Thu Jun 15 02:46:00 GMT 2017


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commit 45159d6ad394fe7db840b2b92eaa69508b8a8fe7
Author: Sergio Durigan Junior <sergiodj@redhat.com>
Date:   Wed Jun 14 16:45:20 2017 -0400

    PR gdb/21574: Mention $SHELL and startup-with-shell on "help run"

    This simple patch updates the documentation of "help run" in order to
    mention that the shell used to start the inferior comes from the
    $SHELL environment variable.  It also mentions that this behaviour can
    be disabled by using the "set startup-with-shell off" command.

    2017-06-14  Sergio Durigan Junior  <sergiodj@redhat.com>

        PR gdb/21574
        * infcmd.c (_initialize_infcmd): Expand "help run" documentation
        to mention $SHELL and startup-with-shell.

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