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commit e6cf65f283b8be44014fad0ad0aebfbcc71fceac
Author: Tom Tromey <tom@tromey.com>
Date:   Sun May 21 17:00:10 2017 -0600

    Print Rust unsized array types a bit more nicely

    It's a bit difficult to create an unsized array type in Rust, but if
    you do, right now ptype will show something like "[u8; ]".  It really
    should print "[u8]", though, which is what this patch implements.

    This is part of PR 21466.

    Built and regtested on x86-64 Fedora 25.  I'm checking this in.

    2017-05-21  Tom Tromey  <tom@tromey.com>

        PR rust/21466:
        * rust-lang.c (rust_print_type) <TYPE_CODE_ARRAY>: Print unsized
        arrays as "[T]", not "[T; ]".

    2017-05-21  Tom Tromey  <tom@tromey.com>

        PR rust/21466:
        * gdb.rust/unsized.exp: New file.
        * gdb.rust/unsized.rs: New file.

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