[Bug rust/21483] Rust expression evaluation can be really expensive

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commit 69e9e8a0d5ae31e9869658771a7d399a53ac7833
Author: Tom Tromey <tom@tromey.com>
Date:   Thu May 11 22:22:36 2017 -0600

    Avoid exponential behavior in rust_evaluate_subexp

    The STRUCTOP_STRUCT case in rust_evaluate_subexp would evaluate its
    LHS, and then, if it did not need Rust-specific treatment, it would
    back up and re-evaluate the entire STRUCTOP_STRUCT part of the
    expression using evaluate_subexp_standard.  This yields exponential
    behavior and causes some expressions to evaluate extremely slowly.

    The fix is to simply do the needed work inline.

    This is PR rust/21483.

    2017-05-12  Tom Tromey  <tom@tromey.com>

        PR rust/21483:
        * rust-lang.c (rust_evaluate_subexp) <STRUCTOP_STRUCT>: Don't
        recurse, just call value_struct_elt directly.

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