[Bug rust/20367] add further Rust demangling

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Sun Apr 9 00:20:00 GMT 2017


--- Comment #5 from Tom Tromey <tromey at sourceware dot org> ---
I have a patch for this but I haven't been able to find a situation
where it helps.

It doesn't help minimal symbols, because gdb thinks those are always
C++ symbols.  There was a gdb bug on file for this, for Java, for a
long time; but it's difficult to argue that it is really a gdb bug
as any fix would seem to involve using debug symbols to interpret
minimal symbol names, which seems like an inversion at least.
(IMO Rust should not use a mangling that is close to
C++, but that's how it is for now.)

On the other hand, for DWARF symbols, the ones that are likely
to be affected are all emitted in a funny way, with names like "{{impl}}"


    <54>   DW_AT_linkage_name: (indirect string, offset: 0x84):

There's a Rust compiler bug on file for this.

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