fortran/1880: display of part of an array

Fred Krogh
Mon Jun 27 04:38:00 GMT 2005

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From: Fred Krogh <>
Subject: Re: fortran/1880: display of part of an array
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 21:27:21 -0700 wrote:
 >Synopsis: display of part of an array
 >Responsible-Changed-From-To: unassigned->woodzltc
 >Responsible-Changed-By: woodzltc
 >Responsible-Changed-When: Mon Jun 27 03:12:31 2005
 >    I'd like to take up this if some more information could be provided.  Thanks.
 >State-Changed-From-To: open->feedback
 >State-Changed-By: woodzltc
 >State-Changed-When: Mon Jun 27 03:12:31 2005
 >    I don't have much experiecne in ddd.  If you could give me the problem description in gdb, I am very willing to take some looks into this. 
 >    Another suggestion is: you can try using the latest GDB cvs to see whether your problem could be reproduced. 
 >    Cheers
 >    - Wu Zhou
 Hi --
     I'm certainly happy to see someone with an interest in this.  First 
 of all ddd is working sort of.  If I move the mouse pointer too much in 
 the source window it crashes and this is easy to make happen.   But if I 
 don't move the mouse too much I can still get useful work done.
 The gdb problem is that I simply don't seem to have any way to print 
 dummy arrays in Fortran.  Thus if an array X() is passed into a 
 subroutine and I want to print locations X(3:7) there seems no way to do 
 this without going up a level and doing
 p x(3)@5
 Things are even worse for printing an arbitrary region of a two 
 dimensional array.
 I'm frequently in a position where I want to display small parts of very 
 large arrays.  If I could do this in gdb, I think there is a reasonable 
 chance I could figure out how to accomplish the same thing in ddd.
 Let me know if you would like more input from me.
 Many thanks,

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