fortran/1531: segmentation fault for FOTRAN77 arrays
Mon Jun 27 02:27:00 GMT 2005

Synopsis: segmentation fault for FOTRAN77 arrays

State-Changed-From-To: open->analyzed
State-Changed-By: woodzltc
State-Changed-When: Mon Jun 27 02:27:27 2005
    Dear ilias,
    Maybe you means "print A", "print A(1,1)" here.  "print *A" will give you an error message liek this:
      Attempt to take contents of a non-pointer value.
    I also encounter this kind of SEGV error with a old GDB release and had commited a patch to fix this. With the latest GDB CVS, no segementation fault with your testcase anymore.  "print A(1,1)" will give you the correct value now.  
    Would you please try the latest GDB cvs tree and close this if it get fixed indeed.  Thanks.
    - Wu Zhou

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