shlibs/1906: runtime LD_LIBRARY_PATH not read

Daniel Jacobowitz
Wed Apr 6 12:28:00 GMT 2005

The following reply was made to PR shlibs/1906; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Daniel Jacobowitz <>
Subject: Re: shlibs/1906: runtime LD_LIBRARY_PATH not read
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 08:26:50 -0400

 On Wed, Apr 06, 2005 at 07:35:58AM -0000, wrote:
 > The LD_LIBRARY_PATH set on the command line is not read by gdb.
 > >Instead gdb is reading the profile files like .profile, .login,
 > >.cshrc, etc. I don't know if there is a good reason for this
 > >behavior but it's troublesome with trying to debug dynamic
 > >librairies. It's undocumented and it took my months (and the help of
 > >strace) to find out why gdb could not read my .so files.
 > >How-To-Repeat:
 > - do not set your LD_LIBRARY_PATH in your login/shell conf scripts
 > - set it on the command line
 > - test your executable with ldd
 > - try to debug with gdb
 This is a bug in your shell startup scripts.  GDB isn't starting a new
 login shell; it's starting a new command shell.  You should get the same
 results you would if you ran a shell script using this shell.
 What is your setting of $SHELL?  Bash won't normally do this, although
 zsh will read .zshenv.
 Daniel Jacobowitz
 CodeSourcery, LLC

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