[PATCH 2/2] glibc-2.34: Fix internal error when running gdb.base/gdb-sigterm.exp

Pedro Alves pedro@palves.net
Sat Jul 10 19:07:28 GMT 2021

Hi Kevin!

On 2021-07-10 3:51 a.m., Kevin Buettner via Gdb-patches wrote:

> The reason that the problem occurs with glibc-2.34 is that
> libthread_db will always be loaded now; thus the wait() machinery
> found in linux-thread-db.c is used instead of linux_nat_target::wait
> (which is found in linux-nat.c).
> gdb/ChangeLog:
> 	* thread.c (any_thread_of_inferior): Don't call inferior_thread()
> 	when there is no current thread.

This isn't right.  The real bug is that inferior_ptid and current_thread_ got
out of sync.  Where did that happen?  What set inferior_ptid without using
switch_to_thread & friends?

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