[PATCH] Use less horizontal space in source window

Tom Tromey tom@tromey.com
Tue Aug 20 22:27:00 GMT 2019

>>>>> "Ruslan" == Ruslan Kabatsayev <b7.10110111@gmail.com> writes:

Ruslan> What if line numbering were inverted in colors (or made different in
Ruslan> another way) or maybe separated by a vertical line from the source? My
Ruslan> experience is with much wider sources, and I'd appreciate some
Ruslan> optimization of horizontal space usage in GDB TUI.

We could certainly do anything like that.  Maybe a curses-style vertical
line would be good?

Ruslan> To me this change is definitely an improvement, so I'd like to have it
Ruslan> in some form, not dropped completely.

One option would be to make this selectable via "set tui something".


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