[patch, testsuite] Fixes for gdb.python tests on remote Windows host

Simon Marchi simark@simark.ca
Tue Aug 13 02:54:00 GMT 2019

On 2019-08-12 10:18 p.m., Sandra Loosemore wrote:
> I believe they are completely separate targets.  I don't know much about 
> cygwin, but I assume that Python built for cygwin library is linked with 
> the cygwin C library and understands cygwin's fake symbolic links, while 
> Python built for the mingw C library certainly does not.  Similarly, 
> using ";" instead of ":" in PATH-like things is a Windows thing, while 
> I'm pretty sure cygwin emulates the POSIX syntax.

Indeed, testing on cygwin would be a whole other task.

I forgot to mention, the patch LGTM, so if Christian is fine with this response too, then please push.


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