[PATCH 8/8] Require readline 7 or newer

Tom Tromey tom@tromey.com
Thu Aug 8 20:38:00 GMT 2019

>>>>> "Pedro" == Pedro Alves <palves@redhat.com> writes:

Pedro> On 8/7/19 11:30 PM, Tom Tromey wrote:
>> --- a/gdb/NEWS
>> +++ b/gdb/NEWS
>> @@ -299,6 +299,11 @@ maint show test-options-completion-result
>> Using another implementation of the make program or an earlier version of
>> GNU make to build GDB or GDBserver is not supported.
>> +* Building GDB and GDBserver now requires GNU readline >= 7.0.

Pedro> Actually, the "and GDBserver" part is incorrect, since GDBserver
Pedro> does not depend on readline.  Better remove that IMO, lest someone
Pedro> mistakenly thinks that building gdbserver (without building gdb)
Pedro> now requires readline.

Oops, bad cut-and-paste. I fixed this.


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