[8.3 backport] Fix breakpoints on file reloads for PIE binaries

Tom de Vries tdevries@suse.de
Sun Aug 4 08:21:00 GMT 2019

On 08-07-19 11:52, Alan Hayward wrote:
> Thanks for the review and additional patch. I pushed them.


This patch applies cleanly to 8.3 branch, but in order to get the
test-case to work I needed to:
- drop the part of the patch that adds a type argument to send_gdb in
  the test-case
- backport commit 968aa7ae38 "Testsuite: Ensure pie is disabled on some
  tests", in order to make the "pie" option for gdb_compile work.  This
  patch applies cleanly.

OK to backport both patches to 8.3 branch? [ Attached only the modified
patch: "Fix breakpoints on file reloads for PIE binaries". ]

Build and reg-tested on x86_64-linux, no regressions.

- Tom

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