minimal tcl version for gdb test suite

Tom de Vries
Thu Aug 1 09:39:00 GMT 2019

On 31-07-19 19:46, Tom Tromey wrote:
>>>>>> "Tom" == Tom de Vries <> writes:
>>> +	_insert [string repeat " " $n]
> Tom> I noticed you started using "string repeat", available since tcl 8.3.
> Tom> So, I was wondering ... is there a minimal required tcl version for the
> Tom> gdb testsuite? If so, is it documented somewhere?
> Thanks for the note.  FWIW I didn't "upgrade" gdb intentionally.  We can
> remove this use if need be.
> I don't know whether there is a minimum version.
> According to, Tcl 8.3.5 was
> released on Oct 18, 2002.  So, it is 17 years old.
> Of course, the standard isn't date-based -- it's based on what the
> distros do.  I don't have a super way to check that though.

Ok, I see. I guess then we operate on a "it's fine if nobody complains"

I've just committed a patch ( ) that uses
lrepeat. This was added in tcl 8.5, so I've added an lrepeat version in
gdb.exp for older versions, just in case.

- I found a commit message (75312ae3ab) mentioning something about mingw
  using tcl 8.4
- We've also got lrepeat, which was added in 2012 for backward
  compatibility with tcl pre-7.5.

- Tom

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