[RFA 0/9] Radically simplify the complaint system

Tom Tromey tom@tromey.com
Mon May 28 10:41:00 GMT 2018

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Tromey <tom@tromey.com> writes:

Tom>   const char *filename = get_section_file_name (section);
Tom> ...
Tom> 	  complaint (_("debug type entry at offset %s is duplicate to"
Tom> 		       " the entry at offset %s, signature %s"),
Tom> 		     sect_offset_str (sect_off), sect_offset_str (dup_sect_off),
Tom> 		     hex_string (header.signature));

I cut-and-pasted the wrong complaint here, and in fact that function
doesn't do this.  But there's at least one more example, this time from

	complaint (_("invalid form 0x%x in `%s'"),
		   form, get_section_name (section));


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