support C/C++ identifiers named with non-ASCII characters

Tue May 22 17:31:00 GMT 2018

Pedro Alves 於 2018/5/22 下午11:17 寫道:

>> I found the patch.  Let me rebase it and send it / post it.  It'll
>> be easier to just look at the patch.
> Here it is.  So this is reusing the same logic added to
> cp-name-parser.y, in the C/C++ expression parser as well.

I read through your code. If I understand it correctly, you keep all the 
valid ASCII characters, and treat all non-ASCII characters "as valid".

This is pretty much the same thing as I did. The only difference is that 
I blacklist invalid ASCII characters and you whitelist valid ASCII 
characters. But we both "validate" all the non-ASCII characters.

But I think your code seems better than mine because it updates and 
reuses some common code. So I think I can abondon my patch and the 
unfinished test case.

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