[Windows GDBserver] Make GDBserver functional again on Windows

Joel Brobecker brobecker@adacore.com
Fri May 4 18:30:00 GMT 2018


I noticed a few weeks back that GDBserver on Windows was no longer
functional, so I started working on it as time allowed. With the
following patches, it's mostly functional, as in I only have few
regressions left. I wanted to have clean results before submitting,
but a recent patch showed that waiting could cause others to duplicate
something I had already done, so I'm posting now. The worse that can
happen is that I realize an earlier patch has a bug shown by the current
regressions, or that one of my patches is incomplete, but I think
it would be nothing compared to the risk of having work being duplicated.

    [PATCH 1/3] [gdbserver/win32] fatal "glob could not process pattern
    [PATCH 2/3] gdbserver/Windows: Fix "no program to debug" error
    [PATCH 3/3] gdbserver/Windows: crash during connection establishment

I haven't analyzed all the remaining failures yet, but most of them
seem to be related to the "kill" command not working. I will look
into that as soon as I have a moment (but it is looking like it may
be a week before I have the time).

I only quickly experimented with GDBserver 8.1, but I think it's
completely broken then as well :-(. Some of the fixes might be
applicable there. I will double-check -- also as soon as I have
a moment, and for sure before we release 8.1.1.


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