GDB 8.1 branching 2017-12-18 update

Joel Brobecker
Mon Dec 18 09:28:00 GMT 2017

Hello everyone,

Some good progress last week (well done, Sergio, and thanks to those
who helped review the patch!). However, we discovered a regression in
Ada where I think, given the nature of the changes we are considering,
might warrant us delaying the branch:

    [JoelB/PedroA] regresssion(internal-error) printing subprogram argument

Given that people are starting to go on holiday anyways, I don't think
there is much benefit in branching now, unless people want to start
pushing some changes they think might be better off post branch (I
have a patch series that adds support for fixed point types, for
instance), or if we would like to start stabilizing the branch now.
Personally, I suggest we postpone until next year.


Aside from the above, we have the following issues known to be blocking
for release (but not branching():

  * [Pedro] gdb/22556
    Regression: gdb.threads/names.exp with --target_board=native-gdbserver

  * [Pedro] gdb/22583
    gdb.base/breakpoint-in-ro-region.exp regressions on software single-step targets

  * [Maciej] remote/22597
    Empty `qsThreadInfo' reply handling regression causing inability to execute

    I'm trying to understand whether this is specific to mips or more
    general. And whether this only affects GDB when debugging with older
    stubs or whether it affects us more generally.

  * [TomT] no PR yet
    Regression on 32-bit: gdb.guile/scm-ports.exp [Re: [RFA 1/2] Fix two regress
ions in scalar printing


Thank you,

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