[RFC] regresssion(internal-error) printing subprogram argument

Joel Brobecker brobecker@adacore.com
Wed Dec 13 10:37:00 GMT 2017

Hi Pedro,

I don't know if you remember about the patch series that introduces
wild matching for C++ as well? I havent' verified this in details,
because there is a series of patches, and they are fairly long, but
I have a feeling that they may have introduced a regression. I can
bisect tomorrow if needed.

In any case, consider the following code which first declares
a tagged type (the equivalent of a class in Ada), and then
a procedure which takes a pointer (access) to this type's 'Class.

    package Pck is
       type Top_T is tagged record
          N : Integer := 1;
       end record;
       procedure Inspect (Obj: access Top_T'Class);
    end Pck;

Putting a breakpoint in that procedure and then running to it triggers
an internal error:

    (gdb) break inspect
    (gdb) continue
    Breakpoint 1, pck.inspect (obj=0x63e010
    /[...]/gdb/stack.c:621: internal-error: void print_frame_args(symbol*, frame_info*, int, ui_file*): Assertion `nsym != NULL' failed.

What's special about this subprogram is that it takes an access
to what we call a 'Class type, and for implementation reasons,
the compiler adds an extra argument named "objL". If you are
curious why, it allows the compiler for perform dynamic accessibility
checks that are mandated by the language.

If we look at the location where we get the internal error
(in stack.c), we find that we are looping over the symbol of
each parameter, and for each parameter, we do:

    /* We have to look up the symbol because arguments can have
       two entries (one a parameter, one a local) and the one we
       want is the local, which lookup_symbol will find for us.
        nsym = lookup_symbol (SYMBOL_LINKAGE_NAME (sym),
                              b, VAR_DOMAIN, NULL).symbol;
        gdb_assert (nsym != NULL);

The lookup_symbol goes through the lookup structure, which means
the symbol's linkage name ("objL") gets transformed into
a lookup_name_info object (in block_lookup_symbol), before
it gets fed to the block symbol dictionary iterators. This,
in turn, triggers the symbol matching by comparing the
"lookup" name which, for Ada, means among other things, lowercasing
the given name to "objl". It is this transformation that causes
the lookup find no matches, and therefore trip this assertion.

Going back to the "offending" call to lookup_symbol in stack.c,
what we are trying to do, here, is do a lookup by linkage name.
So, I think what we mean to be doing is a completely litteral
symbol lookup, so maybe not even strcmp_iw, but actually just
plain strcmp???

There doesn't seem to be a way to do just that anymore,
unfortunately. While this wasn't necessarily part of the spec,
in the past, in practice, you could get that effect by doing
a lookup using the C language. But that doesn't work, because
we still end up somehow using Ada's lookup_name routine which
transforms "objL".

So, ideally, as I hinted before, I think what we need is a way
to perform a litteral lookup so that searches by linkage names
like the above can be performed. But this might be a fairly
involved change (maybe adding a new kind of lookup, and then
making adjustments so we know which kind of name to use for
name matching).

Failing that, the attached prototype takes the easy approach
of just making Ada special, and adjusting the name used for
the lookup to encode in the name itself the fact that the lookup
should be litteral. I tested it with both the official testsuite
as well as AdaCore's testsuite, and it fixed the issue without
regression that I could see. It's not ideal (not clean, IMO),
but gets us back with minimal fuss. We could have that while
we work on extending the current framework to allow litteral
lookups -- I would just clean it up and post an official RFA
for it.

Can you tell me what you think?

I'm sorry I didn't notice this when I did my review and round
of testing. I did the best I could, but the current version of
GDB showing 300+ failures in AdaCore's testsuite at that time,
I used manual report comparison, and I must have missed
these differences (7 failures).

Note also that I consider this issue blocking for 8.1, as these
are not just limited to access to 'Class parameters. These kinds
of internal parameters can also be generated in other situations,
and in particular when using tasking (the equivalent of threads).
Tasking is fairly prevalent in Ada programs. We might even want
to defer branching if we elect to take the more general fix of
adding litteral lookup support...

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