GDB 8.1 branching 2017-12-11 update

Joel Brobecker
Mon Dec 11 13:56:00 GMT 2017


Great progress last week!

As far as I know, the only item that it would be nice to have being
pushed before branching is:

  * [SergioDJ] PR cli/16224
    add "pahole" functionality to ptype

    I just saw a second ping. Hoping for a quick review.

Aside from that, we have a number of entries which have been identified
as blocking for 8.1 (so branching would be OK, but we would wand to
fix them before we make the official release):

  * [Pedro] gdb/22556
    Regression: gdb.threads/names.exp with --target_board=native-gdbserver

  * [Pedro] gdb/22583
    gdb.base/breakpoint-in-ro-region.exp regressions on software single-step targets

  * [Pedro] gdb/22584
    Regression: expression completer and scope operator ("p std::[TAB]" => "p std::std::")

  * [TomT] no PR yet
    Regression on 32-bit: gdb.guile/scm-ports.exp [Re: [RFA 1/2] Fix two regressions in scalar printing

  * [UlrichW] no PR yet
    Regression on i686 host: gdb.base/floatn.exp: [RFC v2][2/2] Target FP: Make use of MPFR if available

Based on the above, I'll re-evaluate the situation on Wed, and see
if Sergio's patch is in or not, and try to wait a little extra if
needed. If the patch takes too long to get in, we may have to settle
for backporting the patch into 8.1.


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