[PATCH v2 07/11] s390: Hook s390 into OSABI mechanism

Ulrich Weigand uweigand@de.ibm.com
Tue Dec 5 13:21:00 GMT 2017

Philipp Rudo wrote:

Just a couple of quick comments on the common vs. Linux split.

> +  set_gdbarch_guess_tracepoint_registers (gdbarch,
> +					  s390_guess_tracepoint_registers);

This is OS-independent as far as I can see.

> +  /* Frame handling.  */
> +  frame_unwind_append_unwinder (gdbarch, &s390_stub_frame_unwind);
> +  frame_unwind_append_unwinder (gdbarch, &s390_sigtramp_frame_unwind);
> +  frame_unwind_append_unwinder (gdbarch, &s390_frame_unwind);
> +  frame_base_set_default (gdbarch, &s390_frame_base);

All of that *except* the sigtramp unwinder is OS-independent.  In fact,
if move the prolog-based sniffer to common code, you'll see that you no
longer need to export various internal routines from s390-tdep.c to

This may require swapping the order of the stub and the sigtramp unwinder,
but that should be harmless.  In the end you should have this sequence:

- first, in common code, announce all the DWARF-based unwinders
- then, in Linux ABI code, announce the sigtramp unwinder
- finally, back in common code, announce all the fallback unwinders

>    set_gdbarch_process_record (gdbarch, s390_process_record);
>    set_gdbarch_process_record_signal (gdbarch, s390_linux_record_signal);

The first of these should be generic, only the second is Linux specific
(that's why there are two different callbacks to begin with!).

> +  /* Miscellaneous.  */
> +  set_gdbarch_stap_is_single_operand (gdbarch, s390_stap_is_single_operand);
> +  set_gdbarch_gcc_target_options (gdbarch, s390_gcc_target_options);
> +  set_gdbarch_gnu_triplet_regexp (gdbarch, s390_gnu_triplet_regexp);

Are these really Linux-specific?


  Dr. Ulrich Weigand
  GNU/Linux compilers and toolchain

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