GDB 8.1 branching 2017-12-04 update

Joel Brobecker
Mon Dec 4 17:02:00 GMT 2017

> One thing that I was thinking it'd be nice to see about getting
> into 8.1 was the DWARF5 index stuff (standard replacement for 
> .gdb_index):
> Not sure about making that the default (seems risky), but it
> might be nice to provide the option so that users/distros can
> start experimenting (and so that Fedora/RHEL doesn't end up
> having to backport yet another large series... :-P) .  I tried
> to review that in the past but stumbled  on choices I didn't quite
> understand, and there are also some open questions, but I was
> planning on taking another look.  I can't really promise I/we can
> get it done this week, so not sure about blocking the branching
> because of it.

Indeed, it would be nice, and we can wait a bit to see if we manage
to get it in. But looking at the size of the patch, unless you think
it's almost ready and it's only a matter of a few fixes here and
there, it seems like this might be a bit risky...

Let's give ourselves this week, and see where we get. In the meantime,
I've added this to the "maybe" section, before 18.1 branching.


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