GDB 8.1 branching 2017-12-04 update

Joel Brobecker
Mon Dec 4 14:56:00 GMT 2017


As far as I know, the issues identified the last time we did
an update on the branch have all been either - defered to the next
release (ARMv8.3-A Pointer Authentication suppport), or pushed.

There are a number of PRs targetting 8.1 however. Should we wait
for those to be fixed before we branch?

  * [TomT] PR breakpoint/22511
    Regression in "commands"

  * [PedroA] PR gdb/Bug 22499
    8.0 regression: wrongly read $xmm0

    Pedro sent a patch for review on Nov 29th, so I think we can wait
    for that one before branching.

  * [SergioDJ] PR cli/16224
    add "pahole" functionality to ptype

    Work is being done as we speak, with some patches sent.
    I think we continue the wait.

In addition, we have the following unassigned PR:

  * [YaoQ???] PR python/22475
  Python API: breakpoint subclass: GDB crashes if function called through parse_and_eval() exits

  Yao - are you working on this PR? I am asking because you marked it
  as targetting 8.1 with the following message: "Set the target
  milestone to 8.1, although it is not a regression from last release.".

I'll continue monitor those PRs closely, and hope that we can branch
by, say, early next week.

Am I missing other issues that you think should block the creation
of the 8.1 branch?

Thank you!

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