[PATCH] Bug 20936 - provide sparc and sparcv9 target description XML files

Ivo Raisr ivo.raisr@oracle.com
Tue Dec 6 11:41:00 GMT 2016

Please find attached a patch which fixes PR tdep/20936.

This patch provides sparc (32-bit) and sparcv9 (64-bit) target 
description XML files.
Files sparc{64}-cp0.xml, sparc{64}-cpu.xml and sparc{64}-fpu.xml are OS 
Files sparc-solaris.xml and sparc64-solaris.xml are specific to Solaris.

gdb regression test suite was run successfully on Solaris/sparc.

This PR with a patch is used as a foundation for another patch which 
will enhance sparc{64}-tdep
with the ability to work the Valgrind shadow registers. Stay tuned.

ChangeLog entry:
2016-12-06  Ivo Raisr  <ivo.raisr@oracle.com>

     PR tdep/20936
     Provide sparc and sparcv9 target description XML files.
     * sparc-cp0.xml, sparc-cpu.xml, sparc-fpu.xml: New files for
     sparc 32-bit.
     * sparc64-cp0.xml, sparc64-cpu.xml, sparc64-fpu.xml: New files
     for sparc 64-bit.
     * sparc-solaris.xml, sparc64-solaris.xml, sparc-solaris.c,
     sparc64-solaris.c: New files for sparc and sparc64 on Solaris.
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