[PATCH 1/3] Rename some trace functions

Simon Marchi simon.marchi@polymtl.ca
Fri Dec 2 18:47:00 GMT 2016

On 2016-12-02 11:47, Pedro Alves wrote:
>> Writing a patch.

I had started a patch as well, but was interrupted by a meeting, so I 
didn't get very far.  Thanks for doing it!

> Turns out I quoted the MI names, which are a bit different
> from the RSP names.  Sigh...
> Anyway, here's what it ends up looking like.  I changed
> the text of the "request" stop reason, because I thought that
> might be a tiny bit more user friendly for the case of the
> user using an MI frontend who clicks some "trace stop" button
> on the GUI instead of running a "command".

The new message "Trace stopped on user request" looks good to me.

> +/* See tracepoint.h.  */
> +
> +const char *
> +get_rsp_name (trace_stop_reason reason)
> +{
> +  return rsp_trace_stop_reason_names[(int) reason];

Should we prefer static_cast<int>() over (int)?

It might be a good idea to check that the resulting integer is smaller 
than the array size.  If we ever add new stop reasons, we could forget 
to add array elements, so an error() here would catch it.

Otherwise, LGTM.

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