GDB 7.10 release tentative date: Fri Aug 28 (was: "Re: [PATCH] remote: allow aborting long operations (e.g., file transfers) (Re: [PATCH] Prelimit number of bytes to read in "vFile:pread:")")

Joel Brobecker
Tue Aug 25 20:19:00 GMT 2015

> >> Does anyone want to comment on the patch, or shall I go ahead with it?
> > 
> > I'm going to push this in in a couple hours, in order to see if the
> > buildbots complain, rather than wait too long and rush this in
> > just before Joel decides to cut the release.
> Now pushed.

Thanks, guys. Let's indeed give ourselves a couple of days, just in
case, and plan for a release on Friday.


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