GDB 7.10 release 2015-08-10 status update

Gary Benson
Wed Aug 12 09:06:00 GMT 2015

Joel Brobecker wrote:
> > > As of today, we still have 3 items on the TODO list before
> > > we can release:
> > ...
> > >   * [GaryB] Resolve <<Change how "target:" gets into filenames>>
> > > 
> > >         The latest discussion I found was (Aug 5th):
> > >
> > >         ... but it looks like the wrong version of the patches was sent.
> > > 
> > >         Any update on this?
> > 
> > Patch 1 adds a warning message, so users at least know what is
> > happening.  It can go in if people are ok with it.
> > 
> > Patch 2 is imperfect: it makes transfers interruptible between files,
> > but the user has to wait for the current transfer to complete.  Making
> > transfers interruptible mid-flight doesn't look straightforward.  I've
> > filed a bug (
> > but I don't intend to work on it any time soon.  So patch 2 can go in
> > if people want it, or it can be left out.
> Thanks for the update, Gary. I hadn't followed the discussion all
> that closely, but I thought that there was some discussion to avoid
> the issue entirely by changing the default behavior in some cases.
> Were there some decisions/changes made in that area?

I posted a series that changed how the "target:" prefix got into the

Basically this returned the default sysroot to "" and added some logic
in solib_find_1 that would use a prefix of "target:" if no sysroot was
set and no file had been specified--GDB would only retrieve files if
you did "target remote ..." on it's own, a case that didn't really do
much previously.

It was configurable with a new boolean, "set/show auto-target-prefix"
(defaulted to enabled), and if users wanted to specify a file but have
GDB fetch the libraries over RSP that could be done with an explicit
"set sysroot target:".

I quite liked it, but nobody else did! :-)



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