[PING] [PATCH] Fix gdb.fortran/array-element.exp failures.

Joel Brobecker brobecker@adacore.com
Wed Sep 10 12:50:00 GMT 2014

> Joel, thanks for your clarification.
> Ok, so we got this situation:
> The original testcase sets a breakpoint at the label continue and
> resumes execution until we reach it.  On the Fortran file, this means
> the inferior has iterated over the whole loop before reaching the
> breakpoint for the first time.  Then, the original testcase issues
> another continue command, causing the inferior to finish the execution
> earlier than expected, since we still want to make a final test on
> whether we print the second element.  This causes the two test failures.
> My guess is that the original author meant to break after each loop
> iteration, instead of going all the way until the continue label.
> Nevertheless, stepping over a single iteration or stopping after the
> entire loop has no impact on the test results.  So, what my patch does
> is simply remove the second "continue" command that would prematurely
> end inferior's execution, so we can actually test whether both elements
> are printed correctly after executing the loop.
> Other than that, when I first submitted this patch, Sergio asked me to
> simplify the testcase, because it felt unusual.  That is what the other
> modifications are about.

OK, thank you for the explanation of the issue.

>  2014-08-17  Gabriel Krisman Bertazi  <gabriel@krisman.be>
>       * gdb.fortran/array-element.exp: Remove wrong "continue"
>         command.  Simplify test case.

OK to push.

My only comment is that simplications are indeed good, but it is
better if you can submit those separately from other changes.
It's easier to review the patch series that way, and it also
allows us separate the real change from the enhancement which
is expected to be a no-op.

Thanks :)

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