[PATCH] Python API: Add gdb.is_in_prologue and gdb.is_in_epilogue.

Eli Zaretskii eliz@gnu.org
Wed Oct 22 15:10:00 GMT 2014

> From: Martin Galvan <martin.galvan@tallertechnologies.com>
> Cc: Martin Galvan <martin.galvan@tallertechnologies.com>
> Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 11:01:25 -0300
> Added two new functions to the Python API: gdb.is_in_prologue and gdb.is_in_epilogue.


>     * NEWS: Mention new Python functions.

This part is OK.

> +@findex gdb.is_in_prologue
> +@defun gdb.is_in_prologue (pc, @r{[}functionStart@r{]})
> +Returns @code{True} if the given @var{pc} value *might* correspond to

Please use Texinfo markup for emphasis, not ASCII art.  I think you
want @emph{might} here.

> +The optional @var{functionStart} argument is the start address of the
> +function you want to check if @var{pc} belongs to.  If your binary

> +doesn't have debugging info, @value{GDBN} may need to use this value
> +to guess if @var{pc} belongs to the prologue.  If omitted it defaults

> +In general you shouldn't worry about passing a @var{functionStart}
> +argument unless your binary doesn't have debugging info, in which case
> +ommiting @var{functionStart} may result in @code{True} being returned
> +when the @var{pc} is not actually inside a prologue.

Isn't it better to require this argument in that case?  Zero is not
very useful starting address, in most cases.

> +When stepping by machine instructions it's possible that local variables
> +appear to have wrong values at the end of a function.  This happens
> +because it usually takes more than one instruction to tear down a stack
> +frame; such instructions are part of a function's epilogue.  @value{GDBN}
> +can identify the addresses where the local variables may show wrong
> +values and inform you so.

This repeats almost verbatim what has been already said about the
prologue.  It would be better to make a single description that covers
both the prologue and the epilogue, before you describe the 2 methods.

OK with those changes.

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