[PATCH] Fix gdb.dwarf2/dw2-dir-file-name.exp test for MIPS architectures

Kwok Cheung Yeung kcy@codesourcery.com
Fri Oct 17 22:29:00 GMT 2014

Maciej has already reviewed this patch internally, and I can confirm
that the test still passes cleanly on x86_64 Linux.

If there are no objections I will go ahead and commit it tomorrow.



On 17/10/2014 1:07 PM, Pedro Alves wrote:
> Looks fine to me, but I'd like to hear Maciej's OK on the MIPS  specifics too.
> Please make sure x86_64 still works.
> I wonder if this test could be simplified using the testsuite's dwarf
> assembler (Dwarf::assemble).
>> Kwok
>> 2014-08-14  Kwok Cheung Yeung  <kcy@codesourcery.com>
>> 	gdb/testsuite/
>> 	* gdb.dwarf2/dw2-dir-file-name.exp (addr_len): New.
>> 	(out_cu): Use addr_len for the size of addresses.
>> 	(out_line): Likewise.  Size DW_LNE_set_address instruction
>> 	according to addr_len.
>> 	* gdb.dwarf2/dw2-dir-file-name.c (START_INSNS): New.
>> 	(FUNC): Add START_INSNS to definition.
> Thanks,
> Pedro Alves

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