[PATCH] remove using_exec_ops global

Pedro Alves palves@redhat.com
Mon Jul 21 16:38:00 GMT 2014

On 07/18/2014 05:25 PM, Tom Tromey wrote:
> This removes the using_exec_ops global from exec.c, in favor of
> querying the target stack directly using target_is_pushed.  This is
> more in keeping with other code in gdb, and is also more future-proof
> as it is more multi-target-ready.
> Built and regtested on x86-64 Fedora 20.
> 2014-07-18  Tom Tromey  <tromey@redhat.com>
> 	* exec.c (using_exec_ops): Remove.
> 	(exec_close_1): Update.  Remove extraneous block, reindent.
> 	(add_target_sections): Use target_is_pushed.

Looks good to me.

Pedro Alves

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