[PATCH] Fix gdb.fortran/array-element.exp failures.

Sergio Durigan Junior sergiodj@redhat.com
Sun Jul 6 19:03:00 GMT 2014

On Saturday, July 05 2014, Gabriel Krisman Bertazi wrote:

> Sorry, I missed it. Here follows the patch and the updated changelog.
> 2014-07-05  Gabriel Krisman Bertazi  <gabriel@krisman.be>
> 	* array-element.exp: Remove wrong "continue" command that caused
> 	test to fail and simplifies test case.

It should be:

	* gdb.fortran/array-element.exp

Also, and sorry for the nitpicking, but we write ChangeLog entries in
the imperative mode, so I'd write it as:

	* gdb.fortran/array-element.exp: Remove wrong "continue"
	  command.  Simplify test case.

Anyway, just minor comments, no need to resubmit the patch.  Let's wait
for some maintainer to take a look.


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