[PATCH 0/8] Fix PR gdb/14766; cleanup foll-vfork.exp and extend it.

Pedro Alves palves@redhat.com
Thu Oct 25 17:42:00 GMT 2012

Running the whole testsuite with single-step forced and using software
single-step on amd64 (that's quite painful, but catches a lot of
interesting corner cases) revealed gdb/14766 (I no longer off hand
remember the details of why that triggers there, but that's
unimportant).  This series fixes that PR.  It starts by modernizing
foll-vfork.exp, and then extending it to cover more cases, exposing
the bug on hardware step targets (like amd64 GNU/Linux).  I've kept
the tests patches split by incremental logical changes, as otherwise
the test additions/changes combined would be incompreensible and look
like a complete rewrite.

Barring objections, comments, etc., I'll commit this after a short

Tested on amd64 Fedora 17.


Pedro Alves (8):
      foll-vfork.exp: Modernize.
      foll-vfork.exp: Don't hard code line numbers.
      foll-vfork.exp: Expose more testing on non-HP/UX targets
      foll-vfork.c/vforked-prog.c: Add copyright headers.
      foll-vfork.exp: Use with_test_prefix.
      foll-vfork.exp: Clean restart gdb before each test procedure.
      foll-vfork.exp: Also test following vfork when the child exits.
      Fix PR gdb/14766 - vfork child exit with "set follow-fork-mode child" broken.

Pedro Alves

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