RFC: fix bug in compare_breakpoints

Tom Tromey tromey@redhat.com
Thu Oct 18 20:06:00 GMT 2012

>>>>> "Pedro" == Pedro Alves <palves@redhat.com> writes:

Pedro> Eh!  Shame that gcc doesn't warn on this ("comparison always false",
Pedro> I gather?).  Sounds like something that shouldn't be hard for the
Pedro> compiler to detect.  IWBN to have gcc PRs for these issues.

I filed http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=54979
for the comparison issue.

The other problem is caught by -Wempty-body, which we don't enable.  It
yields a number of warnings and would require a coding style change

   if (blah)


   if (blah)

That would be fine with me, and I'd be happy to write the patch if there
is general agreement.


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