[RFC] Autoload-breakpoints new version [1/9] autoload breakpoints without sync function

Stan Shebs stanshebs@earthlink.net
Mon Oct 15 15:45:00 GMT 2012

On 8/7/12 12:07 AM, Hui Zhu wrote:
> I thought make the autoload-breakpoints and sync function together 
> make it too hard to review.  So I move the sync function to be a 
> series of separate patches after report-async.
> The change of this patches with the prev version is I change the 
> formart of packet "QBDP"(add ":") to make it follow the rule of 
> notification format.
> Thanks,
> Hui
> 2012-08-07  Hui Zhu  <hui_zhu@mentor.com>
>     * breakpoint.c (hex2bin, unpack_varlen_hex): New extern.
>     (autoload_breakpoints_query, autoload_breakpoints_merge,
>     autoload_breakpoints_gdb, autoload_breakpoints_stub,
>     autoload_breakpoints_enums, this_ubpcmd): New variable.
>     (breakpoint_get_commands): New function.
>     (print_one_breakpoint): Add out for b->autoload_id.
>     (init_raw_breakpoint_without_location): Add init for autoload_id
>     and autoload_inserted.
>     (autoload_breakpoints_get_id, uploaded_bp_commands_clean,
>     uploaded_bp_commands_add, handle_autoload_breakpoint_cmd,
>     parse_autoload_breakpoint_definition,
>     handle_autoload_breakpoint_cmd_to_breakpoints,
>     parse_autoload_breakpoint_definition_to_breakpoints,
>     clean_upload_autoload_breakpoints,
>     show_upload_autoload_breakpoints,
>     read_autoload_breakpoints_action,
>     merge_uploaded_autoload_breakpoints, autoload_breakpoints_reset,
>     autoload_breakpoints_clean,
>     autoload_breakpoints_number): New function.

Looking at this code, I think we need to share it with the tracepoint 
upload, since the data structures are nearly identical,
and the algorithms are also quite similar.

+When this mode is \"merge\", the autoload-breakpoints\n\
+of GDB and stub will merge together when GDB connect to stub.\n\
+When this mode is \"gdb\", the autoload-breakpoints of stub will be 
+when GDB connect to stub.\n\
+When this mode is \"stub\", the autoload-breakpoints of GDB will be 
+when GDB connect to stub."),

This should say "target" since we don't know if the target is a stub, or 
a sprite, or gdbserver, etc.


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