[RFC] Fix .text section offset for windows DLL (was Calling __stdcall functions in the inferior)

Pierre Muller pierre.muller@ics-cnrs.unistra.fr
Mon Oct 15 13:36:00 GMT 2012

  Eli reported a problem with 
GDB trying to call a function in kernel32.dll.

  The idea that the calling convention was responsible for
the signal when trying to call a function declared in kernel32 dll
did not make muich sense for a function like GetLastError,
which has no parameters. 
  All i386 calling convention agree that simple return values
should be in register EAX.
  Anyhow an error on location of return value
should only have the effect of losing the correct return value but never
generate a signal...

  After some investigation, I noticed that
the minimal symbol GetLastError was offset by 0xf0000
respective to the  '_imp__GetLastError@0'.

  The patch attached allowed me to call
(gdb) call GetLastError ()
And get a simple 
$2 = 126
(for instance, depending on when you do the call).

  Could someone please test the patch and 
confirm that it does fix the problem?

  The main fix consists in a new function
pe_text_section_offset that I added to coff-pe-read.c source,
which allows to fetch the real offset of the .text section relative
to the image base, instead of assuming 0x1000.
  I tried to leave the code in
windows_xfer_shared_library "backward compatible",
in the sense that if the DLL is not available (as might happen 
using gdbserver) we still default to 0x1000 value.

In fact, the patch contains a second fix
about the parsing of exported symbols,
which currently can mix symbol names and associated RVA addresses
if some function had a imposed ordinal value (which can lead to 
empty entries in the RVA addresses array).
  I did not separate the two parts as I was unsure if 
they are really independent.

Comments most welcome,

Pierre Muller
GDB pascal language maintainer

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> Objet : Re: Calling __stdcall functions in the inferior
> > Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 12:27:53 +0100
> > From: Pedro Alves <palves@redhat.com>
> > CC: Mark Kettenis <mark.kettenis@xs4all.nl>, gdb@sourceware.org
> >
> > In gcc/config/i386/winnt.c:
> >
> >   /* Return string which is the function name, identified by ID,
> >      with a suffix consisting of an atsign (@) followed by the number of
> >      bytes of arguments.  If ID is NULL use the DECL_NAME as base. If
> >      FASTCALL is true, also add the FASTCALL_PREFIX.
> >      Return NULL if no change required.  */
> >
> >   static tree
> >   gen_stdcall_or_fastcall_suffix (tree decl, tree id, bool fastcall)
> >   {
> >
> > As you see above, fastcall also has identifiable decoration.
> Thanks.
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