[RFA 5/5] New port: CR16: NEWS

Kaushik Phatak Kaushik.Phatak@kpitcummins.com
Fri Oct 5 13:02:00 GMT 2012

Hi Joel,
> but I would mention that both bareboard and linux are supported
Yes, agreed. I have modified NEWS as below.

<Ref: Reply-to: Eli Zaretskii >
> But please take Joel's comment into consideration
Yes, working on those. Feel free to comment on any other point which you
feel needs to be addressed.


	* NEWS: Mention cr16 as a new target for ELF and Linux

--- a/gdb/NEWS   2012-10-05 17:31:54.000000000 +0530
+++ b/gdb/NEWS       2012-10-05 17:32:43.000000000 +0530
@@ -1,6 +1,11 @@
                What has changed in GDB?
             (Organized release by release)

+* New targets
+National Semiconductor CR16C ELF                       cr16*-*-*
+National Semiconductor SC14452 uCLinux(gdbserver)      cr16*-*-*linux
 *** Changes since GDB 7.5

 * Python scripting

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