[RFA 0/5] New port: CR16

Kaushik Phatak Kaushik.Phatak@kpitcummins.com
Thu Oct 4 10:16:00 GMT 2012

The following set of patches adds support for National Semiconductor CR16 family 

0001: Remove "gdb" from noconfigdirs in top-level configure.ac.
0002: Handle cr16*-*-*linux and cr16*-*-* in configure.tgt.
0003: the port itself in gdb.
0004: the port in gdbserver with target description.
0005: NEWS.

All these changes are cr16 specific. The simulator related changes for 
supporting gdb have been posted and checked in earlier,

Thanks Mike, Yao and Pedro for all your inputs till now.
These patches have been tested with 7.5 release and get applied to latest
snapshots as well.

These patches have been posted earlier, but had multiple diffs so posting
them in separate threads here. Kindly review the same and let me know if any
modifications are necessary.

Kaushik Phatak
kaushik.phatak@kpitcummins.com | www.kpitcummins.com

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