[PATCH 0/4] bitpos expansion summary reloaded

Jan Kratochvil jan.kratochvil@redhat.com
Thu Oct 4 07:13:00 GMT 2012

On Wed, 03 Oct 2012 21:56:27 +0200, Jan Kratochvil wrote:
> > 		grep -q "$loc" splint-bitpos3.locdiff.processed
> This 'grep' has too relaxed search string, for example warnings in "main.c"
> (there are some 'conversion' warnings) will match _29_ other files creating
> false FOUND lines and therefore fogetting about possibly valid type safety
> conversion problems.
> There should be sure some fgrep -q "($loc:" or so.

$loc includes the line number which also can have false positives on partial
match without anchor so probably something like:
	fgrep -q "($loc)"


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