Can't set architecture to m32c on m32c-elf-gdb.

Nick Clifton
Thu Dec 31 12:22:00 GMT 2009

Hi Masaki,

> I figured out the reason about this issue.
> This is caused by a bug in bfd/cpu-m32c.c.
> The condision is like this:
> He expects to select arch_info_struct[0] when he puts "set architecture m32c".
> But bfd_m32c_arch is selected bfd_default_scan(). So he always gets
> configuration for m16c instead of m32c.

But as Daniel pointed out, if the user enters the command:

   set architecture m32c:m32c

then the code in bfd_default_scan() will select the m32c architecture 
and if the user enters:

   set architecture m32c:m16c

then bfd_default_scan() will select the m16c architecture.

> I think printable names in bfd/cpu-m32.c should be changed to "m32c:m16c", "m32c:m32c".

There is no need for this, and in fact it will stop bfd_default_scan 
from working as intended.


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