[RFA/commit] Internal error while loading core on alpha-tru64

Pedro Alves pedro@codesourcery.com
Thu Dec 31 07:51:00 GMT 2009

On Thursday 31 December 2009 07:02:24, Joel Brobecker wrote:

> The fix I applied was to replace the call to add_inferior_silent
> by a call to inferior_appeared...  I think that this was the right
> thing to do.

It is, thanks for catching.

> 2009-12-31  Joel Brobecker  <brobecker@adacore.com>
>         Internal error while loading core on alpha-tru64.
>         * corelow.c (core_open): Delete unused local variables.
>         Use inferior_appeared instead of add_inferior_silent.

This is OK.

> Tested on alpha-tru64 with the AdaCore gdb-testsuite (I can no longer
> run the dejagnu testsuite on this platform).

(You don't actually need to be able to run dejagnu on the
platform--- you should give remote host testing a try

> This is the only platform where I observed this issue.

Should have affected OpenBSD too, I think.

Pedro Alves

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