patch for testing purposes

Joel Brobecker
Wed Dec 30 08:14:00 GMT 2009


> does this suffice as a submission for review, or do you suggest an
> alternative format?

Thank you for sending your contribution.  The procedure for contributing
is described in gdb/CONTRIBUTE, and I suggestion you give it a read.

It was hard to determine how large your contribution really is, because
of the diff format you chose (see below). Small obvious contributions
can be accepted without copyright assignment.  But if you're thinking
of making more than one or two small contributions, you need to file
a copyright assignment with the FSF.  This is briefly explained in
the CONTRIBUTE file.  Let me know if you'd like to start the process.
It takes a few weeks to complete, so the sooner you start it, the better.

Just a couple of quick remarks that may not be obvious after you finished

> 115,134c115

Your diff does not provide any context, so it's very hard to read.
Most maintainers here prefer "unified" diffs (use "diff -u").

Make also sure to use diff option "-p", which also really helps
understanding where your patch is changing things.

> < // print the status word
> < // updated 20091227 (

GDB must follow ISO C 90 (I believe that's the standard we're sticking
too), which means comments should use the normal C comment markers.
The "updated ..." should go, as this information is available through
the version control system.


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