[PATCH 1/2] Support the new PPC476 processor -- Arch Independent

Joel Brobecker brobecker@adacore.com
Wed Dec 30 05:11:00 GMT 2009

>     error (_("\
> Provided range can't be watched.  Either the target watchpoint resources\n\
> don't support it, or hardware watchpoints are disabled in GDB\n\
> (see \"set can-use-hw-watchpoints\")."));

This is total nit-picking, but I suggest that we avoid the use of
contractions in error messages. I think this is too casual.

    "can't" -> "cannot"
    "don't" -> "do not"

> Here we are just imitating the behaviour (and error message) of the find
> command. Since the syntax is the same, we thought that it'd be confusing
> if GDB behaved differently in different commands with the same syntax.

I agree with that (consistency).  I don't think I'd be fustrated at GDB
if I inserted the addresses in the wrong order and GDB errored out.


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