[patch] related_breakpoint stale ref crash fix

Jan Kratochvil jan.kratochvil@redhat.com
Wed Dec 23 22:48:00 GMT 2009


getting occasional random:
 PASS: gdb.threads/local-watch-wrong-thread.exp: local watchpoint still triggers
 PASS: gdb.threads/local-watch-wrong-thread.exp: let thread_function0 return
 PASS: gdb.threads/local-watch-wrong-thread.exp: breakpoint on thread_function0's caller
-PASS: gdb.threads/local-watch-wrong-thread.exp: local watchpoint automatically deleted
+ERROR: Process no longer exists
+UNRESOLVED: gdb.threads/local-watch-wrong-thread.exp: local watchpoint automatically deleted

It is even reproducible on HEAD using "input" file below and:
	valgrind ../gdb -nx <input

(gdb) (gdb) Breakpoint 6 at 0x400685: file ./gdb.threads/local-watch-wrong-thread.c, line 47.
(gdb) ==31759== Invalid write of size 4
==31759==    at 0x601A11: bpstat_check_breakpoint_conditions (breakpoint.c:3482)
==31759==    by 0x601C70: bpstat_stop_status (breakpoint.c:3596)
==31759==    by 0x65D228: handle_inferior_event (infrun.c:3589)
==31759==    by 0x65A563: wait_for_inferior (infrun.c:2281)
==31759==    by 0x659AA0: proceed (infrun.c:1883)
==31759==    by 0x65300B: continue_1 (infcmd.c:668)
==31759==    by 0x653282: continue_command (infcmd.c:760)
==31759==    by 0x5C51D8: do_cfunc (cli-decode.c:67)
==31759==    by 0x5C824F: cmd_func (cli-decode.c:1738)
==31759==    by 0x48335A: execute_command (top.c:450)
==31759==    by 0x67273E: command_handler (event-top.c:511)
==31759==    by 0x672E53: command_line_handler (event-top.c:736)
==31759==  Address 0xbbdc950 is 240 bytes inside a block of size 336 free'd
==31759==    at 0x4A04D72: free (vg_replace_malloc.c:325)
==31759==    by 0x486E4B: xfree (utils.c:1286)
==31759==    by 0x60BC35: delete_breakpoint (breakpoint.c:8708)
==31759==    by 0x60BDAF: delete_command (breakpoint.c:8765)
==31759==    by 0x5C51D8: do_cfunc (cli-decode.c:67)
==31759==    by 0x5C824F: cmd_func (cli-decode.c:1738)
==31759==    by 0x48335A: execute_command (top.c:450)
==31759==    by 0x67273E: command_handler (event-top.c:511)
==31759==    by 0x672E53: command_line_handler (event-top.c:736)
==31759==    by 0x672FCF: gdb_readline2 (event-top.c:817)
==31759==    by 0x6725F7: stdin_event_handler (event-top.c:433)
==31759==    by 0x670CDE: handle_file_event (event-loop.c:812)

Watchpoint 4 deleted because the program has left the block in
which its expression is valid.

There is already automatic deletion of RELATED_BREAKPOINT in
map_breakpoint_numbers but "delete breakpoints" (for all the breakpoints)
calls delete_breakpoint from delete_command directly without calling
map_breakpoint_numbers and it does not delete the associated

I find the attached patch is right for delete_breakpoint itself as such
function should not leave stale references in the leftover data structures.
How well could be other code cleaned up with this patch in place I have not
targeted by this patch.

The existing code expects accessibility of freed memory and discusses the
current stale references problem:

delete_breakpoint (struct breakpoint *bpt)
  /* Has this bp already been deleted?  This can happen because multiple
     lists can hold pointers to bp's.  bpstat lists are especial culprits.

     One example of this happening is a watchpoint's scope bp.  When the
     scope bp triggers, we notice that the watchpoint is out of scope, and
     delete it.  We also delete its scope bp.  But the scope bp is marked
     "auto-deleting", and is already on a bpstat.  That bpstat is then
     checked for auto-deleting bp's, which are deleted.

     A real solution to this problem might involve reference counts in bp's,
     and/or giving them pointers back to their referencing bpstat's, and
     teaching delete_breakpoint to only free a bp's storage when no more
     references were extent.  A cheaper bandaid was chosen.  */
  if (bpt->type == bp_none)
  bpt->type = bp_none;

  xfree (bpt);

While fixing this part may be difficult I find the attached patch easy enough
fixing the IMO currently most common crash due to it.

No regressions on {x86_64,x86_64-m32,i686}-fedora12-linux-gnu.


set height 0
set width 0
set confirm no
file ../testsuite/gdb.threads/local-watch-wrong-thread
set can-use-hw-watchpoints 1
break main
break local-watch-wrong-thread.c:36
delete breakpoints
watch *myp
delete breakpoints
echo MAKE watch\n
watch *myp if trigger != 0
echo MAKE break\n
break local-watch-wrong-thread.c:60
info break
echo DELETE five\n
delete 5
set trigger=1
set *myp=0
break local-watch-wrong-thread.c:47

2009-12-23  Jan Kratochvil  <jan.kratochvil@redhat.com>

	* breakpoint.c (delete_breakpoint <bpt->related_breakpoint != NULL>):

--- a/gdb/breakpoint.c
+++ b/gdb/breakpoint.c
@@ -8649,6 +8649,16 @@ delete_breakpoint (struct breakpoint *bpt)
   if (bpt->type == bp_none)
+  /* At least avoid this stale reference until the reference counting of
+     breakpoints gets resolved.  */
+  if (bpt->related_breakpoint != NULL)
+    {
+      gdb_assert (bpt->related_breakpoint->related_breakpoint == bpt);
+      bpt->related_breakpoint->disposition = disp_del_at_next_stop;
+      bpt->related_breakpoint->related_breakpoint = NULL;
+      bpt->related_breakpoint = NULL;
+    }
   observer_notify_breakpoint_deleted (bpt->number);
   if (breakpoint_chain == bpt)

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