[RFC] what should we do about COPYING?

Stan Shebs stanshebs@earthlink.net
Fri Dec 18 15:52:00 GMT 2009

Joel Brobecker wrote:
> Michael Snyder pointed out that gdb/COPYING contains the GPLv2,
> whereas GDB is now under GPLv3. I was simply going to replace the
> contents of COPYING with the GPLv3, except that I noticed an
> inconsistent resolution depending on the project. For instance:
>   - In the root directory, we have COPYING (v2) and COPYING3 (v3);
>   - In bfd, we have COPYING that contains the GPL v3.
> I personally do not see the point of keeping the GPL v2 around,
> and thus suggest that we replace the contents COPYING rather than
> adding an extra file named COPYING3.  Note that we have a couple
> of extra copies in the sim directory as well.
The root dir has to cover all bases; there may be src/ projects that 
have not updated.  But gdb/ and below is all v3 (right?), there would be 
no code to which a copy of v2 would apply, and so we want just the one 
file COPYING that is v3.


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