GDB MI Reverse Commands added [3 of 3]

Vladimir Prus
Wed Dec 16 10:05:00 GMT 2009

Jakob Engblom wrote:

>> It does not seem like any of them were addressed. When they are addressed,
>> this patch is OK. Because the only non-mechanical change is replacement of
>> FIXME with a suitable comment, and reverse-mode experts are in much better
>> position to decide if a comment captures the behaviour properly, I don't
>> think I have to re-review any revision of this patch -- please commit directly
>> when you think it's ready.
> I think they are. The latest file that Michael Snyder attached:
> * Is called "mi-reverse.exp"

Per Michael's last message, it seems that he just attached wrong file
when pinging, and this issue is now resolved.

- Volodya

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